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Our Adventure Thus Far...

A Re-Cap For All!

ALL:  The following is merely a general overview of the campaign thus far to bring people back up to speed on events of the past, I would advise reading it but it is NOT mandatory, however the note to all players at the end IS mandatory and should be reviewed before game.  Thanks!


The party began its life as a group after the disparate members found themselves trapped with one another during a bitter winter in the small hamlet of Tommaso's Field.  Our cast of characters, a young goliath barbarian challenged with a moral compass and strong ethic, a young human farm boy who is the unlikely heir to a divine legacy but at the price of everything he's every known and loved, a half-elven bounty-hunter in service to a power beyond imagination, a wandering traveler with greater thirst for adventure then profits, an elven noblewoman with a voice that betrays her people's fae origins, and a grimacing old dwarven merchant with years of experience and a twinkle in his eye.  A deadlocking winter forced them together, trials and tribulations made them an unlikely but effective team.  Facing down a hungering orc warband, finding food and game to help the village bulwark its stores, sharing tales and legends to keep up each other's spirits.  When spring dawned this group of travelers became a band of adventurers brought on to Hamish Felspar, the aforementioned dwarf, to guard his wagons as they made their way deeper into the region called Albion.


On their journey the group found themselves experiencing a strange interlude, while camping on the edge of a long ruined and forgotten city a voice in anguish was heard, compelled by the pain of the calls the group made their way toward the dark happening only to be rendered uniformly unconscious by whatever they were exposed to.  When they awoke in the blasted remains of a long abandoned cathedral the group were all marked by strange mystical runes that covered their body and radiant some sort of divine energy.  Confused, concerned but unharmed the remainder of the journey was relatively uneventful and they entered the Albion region with the spring thaw at their back.


Albion had like many regions for a brief time been on the edge of becoming something of a stable region, however the dark age of the Breaking laid many such aspirations low and fell back into obscurity.  However once more whispers from local villages say that we are now in a new age, a different one filled with hope, the Mending is upon us and with it the birth of new ventures.  Strong rumors that a Lord Whitesparrow has risen to prominence in the region and will soon have enough backing from the villages and towns and even the neighboring city-states to proclaim himself King Whitesparrow  of Albion.  The band travels to the town of Whitesparrow in the heart of Albion to find that the rumors are both true, and woefully lacking as the Lord Whitesparrow has met his demise and in his place the young Lady Marlena Whitesparrow his eldest daughter is seeking to fulfill her father's dreams and while young has an ambition and intelligence to perhaps see it through.


Our heroes arrive in Whitesparrow and quickly make themselves worthy of note by foiling the efforts of a crew of bandits with a long history, the Night Blades who had tormented the area a decade past had risen again with darker methods.  After disrupting the Night Blades activities, and rooting them out of their headquarters (although with a few key members escaping into the night AND almost dying to the last member of the group), the band made significant inroads with Lady Whitesparrow and the Town's Sheriff Ruth Willowmane along with many of its various denizens.  Celebrated as minor heroes the group accepted a writ of Service from the burgeoning town of Albion and its ruling Lady and was immediately sent off to deal with the strange mysteries of rampaging local animals.  Following the trail of destruction, death and od animal behavior the group made its way to a cave deep in the Goldpeak mountains.  A cave where they discovered the uncovered entrance to ancient dwarven ruin which itself acted as a vault to a now breached pre-dwarven artifact that had been contaminating the animals and entities nearby.  Covering the eldritch dark elven (?) statue seemed to quiet it's magics enough for the team to return to Whitesparrow and work with some of the local sages and artisans to seal the breach and cave from further endangering the region.  Thereby earning the respect and aid of Barnak Rumblestone a sage and antiquarian with ties to others in towns and cities nearby.


After resolving this issue the group took a small breather, but Hamish their nominal employer called upon them to uncover why the shipment of ore and materials he was expecting from a supplier (with whom he shared something of a romantic past) was late.  The group travelled to the nearby village of Deepfathom, named after the Deepfathom Clan of dwarves that owned and operated the mine which was the heart and lifeblood of the village itself.  The settlement had been awash with ill luck recently with a massive cave in which was rumored to be caused by some mystical force, strange behaviors and dark tidings.  The band arrived and soon uncovered tension between the local head priest of the Church of the High Sun and Daronith Deepfathom the owner of the Mine and leader of the town.  Deepfathom's request for assistance will more fully align her with Lady Whitesparrow and the town is in dire straits as the mine has been closed until the strange disappearances and activities are resolved.  The group uncover a plot by the head priest Aleith Skyborn and the cult of darkness worshippers he is building, he's discovered an ancient tomb beneath the town with connections to the voidwater within the mine itself.  Challenging the cult, uncovering and destroying the undead that had risen in the mine, the group was again triumphant and aided the town in purging itself of the darkness.  A cold snap in late spring unfortunately makes travel difficult so the party has been forced to spend a few weeks in Deepfathom and helping to restore order and see a brightness return to the town's people.


And so our adventure begins once more.


NOTE TO ALL: Any and all additional notes made by any player will allow that player to begin the game with Inspiration.  Additionally as we will begin play at the "start" of summer with some time having past all "boons" will be considered used until play begins.  In addition, if anyone has any downtimes to report – actions they want to have taken per the Player's Handbook and Xanathar's Guide please let me know in advance.



The jagged forms of the abyssal language seem to shift at the edge of your vision, as if spiders were skittering around the borders of the journal page :
I just got back from another errand for the Merchant’s Guild. They have proven a dependable source of work, even while we are snowed in. The coin has been decent too, though I’ve spent a good amount of it to help dress up the small, open air ‘temple’ to Alden. I don’t think Ben realizes how powerful his stories are, especially for people recovering from the chaos and violence stirred up by the cult. I’m also hoping that the chance to share Alden with Deepfathom will help him recover from his own loss.
I’m pretty sure the whole team would be at each other’s throats if it weren’t for Enna. Her songs transform the same drab tavern we sit in each night, making it feel as if we are in the heart of a mythic forest, or at the summit of a legendary spire. I think the people of Deepfathom will be quite sad to see her go once the roads open.
I suspect they’ll miss the rest of us a lot less. Gareth clearly rankles at being in the same spot for too long, and Jaison’s method of dealing with stress seems to be fanning the flames of any potential conflict in what I assume is the hope that it will lead to bloodshed. Ironically, I think that has led to a more peaceful winter, since anyone who escalates to violence has to guess how the giant’s axe will fall.
The snows are finally melting. I can’t wait to get back on the road.

OOC: Kyrian is hoping to spend his downtime working for the Guild to try to improve reknown. His spare time will mostly be spent trying to encourage Ben to act as a bit of a pastor for the locals.

Our Adventure Thus Far...
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