It has been untold generations since the time of the Breaking, when the Gods of Toril and Beyond shattered the mythic cycles of destiny and nearly destroyed all of this reality and others nestled nearby.  The great and magnificent histories and legends of that which many existences new as world of Faerun were ripped asunder and mixed with echoes and strands from countless other realities.  It was only through the sacrifice of countless beings of epic destines and fates that some humble fragments of that world were once more combined into the semblance of a globe struggling out of barbarism and despair.

Time itself was undone briefly, there are those that say that the Breaking lasted a day and a night, and others say that it lasted for a thousand, thousand years.  What is known is that when that which was broken was once more made whole, that the world that was was no more than a memory lost in a dream.  The world that remained was something less and something more.

No longer were there great kingdoms and empires; whole continents had vanished without a trace; Gods no longer were said to walk the realms like men and were confined to the outer edges of reality even though their touch could still be felt upon the world.   Strangely, another consequence is that various accounts of what existed before the breaking existed, and evidence to prove or disprove theories existed in abundance.  The various scholars and sages who have been born, studied and passed on; children of children of students of the greatest minds of that existed ages ago were said to believe that when the Breaking was Mended that the gaps and wholes in existence were filled with things from beyond, that the time as it was now was a patchwork… a mosaic of realities made manifest by unknownable hands.

All that can be said to be true is that what was once Toril a land of mythic wonder and avatars of power unquestioned has passed on, now in its place is a land of mystery, a land of opportunity, and a land where humble heroes were all that stood between the last quenching of the light and the ever hungry darkness.

This is the world of Crucible.  You have entered Other Realms, welcome.

Other Realms

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